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Let us help you beat Mother Nature at her own game...

Proper watering of your lawn, trees and shrubs is easy... or is it? Let's see...

Person #1:

  • Hook up garden hose,
  • Pull hose out into the yard and place it.
  • Find water sprinkler and attach.
  • Walk back and start the water.
  • Hopefully the sprinkler head is adjusted right.
  • Wait 15 minutes and move to next area.
  • Unhook hose and move to side, wait 15 minutes and move again.
  • Repeat until sides and back are finished.
  • Unhook hoses and sprinkler and put away.
  • And repeat this process every day...

Person #2:

  • Hire Northern Scapes to install a completely programmable and hidden irrigation system to lawn and plant beds.
  • Early Summer: turn on sprinkler system.
  • Late Fall: winterize sprinkler system (1/2 hour process), or call Northern Scapes to do it for you.
  • With the exception of changing the program when desired, the worry and work is gone.
Northern Scapes - Landscaping Northern Scapes - Landscaping

Our company works with Hunter, Rainbird and Toro systems. Many of our system components carry a 5 year warranty. From residential to commercial we can design a system to provide many years of proper watering your lawn and landscape.

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