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Northern Scapes was one of the first to introduce this process to the Southern Tier. Our Greater Binghamton based crews have hydro seeded thousands of acres of lawns and including erosion control since 1990. The process of mixing seed, fertilizer, water and green hydro mulch is still the most effective way to install a lawn. The operator will spray and evenly displace seed mixture to the prepared seed bed... resulting in a beautiful lawn..

Lawns: Hydro seeding is our most economical and most popular way of lawn installation, but for the instant gratification of a green lawn, there is sod. After the soil is prepared, our crews will deliver and install the sod. Sod will be more labor intensive than seeding, but the lawn is lush green when the crews are done.

Due to the process and required mix, Hydro seeding requires either a minimum square footage or a minimum charge for this service. Please contact us for additional information.

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Northern Scapes - Landscaping
**Special note: The most important factor to establishing or maintaining a new lawn is the watering. You must water daily for three weeks until the lawn is established (seed or sod). The customer will have a green lawn with proper watering, fertilizing and lawn mowing that the neighbor will envy. It could take up to a full year for a lawn to fill in completely depending on the seed choice.

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