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About our Fertilization Service

Steve Tagliaferro, a certified NYSDEC applicator since 1981, manages our fertilization division. He can customize and implement a lawn care program to meet your needs and keep your lawn healthy and looking great!

Northern Scapes offers both liquid and granular treatments, based on environmental conditions. We have free prompt service calls and guaranteed results. Our equipment is state of the art to apply proper treatments with safety in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Slime molds ("dog vomit" fungus) feed on the bacteria in the mulch. Usually it is confined to a small area, will dry up and go away on its own. It will not harm your plants. If looking at it bothers you, take a shovel and discard it.

Formulations, toxicity levels, etc. are usually the same. The only difference is the method of application. ( We can spray a formulation or spread it.) Sometimes it's better to spray (for example weed control) as you have more control as to where the product ends up. With a broadcast spreader, weed control can end up in bedded areas ( shrubs, flowers, etc.). We use both liquid and dry depending on environmental conditions.

Many lawn chemicals are bonded in solutions by petroleum by-products. This is what gives off the odors, not toxic ingredients. What you might smell may be unpleasant but it should not harm you or your animals.

General-use products can be purchased by anyone (over the counter) at most local garden centers. In New York State, you must be a certified applicator to purchase restricted products. Though restricted products are supposed to last longer and be more effective, general-use products are generally saferĀ to handle and break down faster (avoiding leeching into water tables). Even general-use products must be handled and applied properly. Northern Scapes uses only general-use products in its fertilization programs and our Garden Center has general-use products as well.

Though the signs posted say 24 hours, usually after a couple of hours it's okay. To be completely sure waiting till the morning dew has dried (the next day) assures you the leaf tissue has been rinsed of any residue.

Here is what our customer's have said about our fertilizing services:

"Thank You (Northern Scapes) for a job well done. Your suggestions... seemed to make all the difference. My lawn has never looked better. I am very happy..."
Ken Barber, Vestal, NY
""...(Northern Scapes) is very knowledgeable in what they are doing. They take the time to talk to you..."
Jack Kurty, Endwell, NY
"My lawn was in desperate need of help. I called Northern Scapes on the advise of my neighbor who has a lawn to be envied. After one year of service, Northern Scapes made it happen. There are now two lawns on our street to be envied."
Betty Valentino, Johnson City, NY
"...(Northern Scapes) provides courteous and dependable service with excellent results. Also, I like the fact they do drive by inspections and don't just keep on going if they see a problem."
Shirley Monforte, Endicott, NY
"After just two treatments I noticed a big difference in my lawn. The grass was greener, thicker and free of weeds. I attribute this to Northern Scapes."
Bev Valachovic, Binghamton, NY

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